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Kaheiji is an online shop specializing in made-to-order Japanese kitchen knives from Sakai, Japan. 

I've noticed that a lot of foreigners visiting Japan especially enjoy the process of personalizing their knives. When purchasing knives, customers can select the handle with an option of having their names hand engraved in Japanese characters (this applies in Katakana and Kanji only). My goal is to bring this unforgettable experience to everyone in the world without being location dependent.

If there are any special requests, be it a left-handed knife, a bigger handle size or any customization you can think of, feel free to drop me an email at customize@kaheiji.com and I'll try to accommodate as best I can.

Come Visit Us

visit us [sakai, japan]

If you are ever in Osaka, consider visiting us (by appointment only) and you'll be able to watch your knife being put together in front of you.